What would you my reader want to know about me? hmm. Well, I have been the wife of my best friend Tim for 20 years. We have 8 children, whose nicknames I will use here.

Mini-me is 18 and a half, my responsible oldest daughter. An artist, singer, writer, and bossy 2nd mama to her younger siblings. Irish lassie is 15, a musician with red hair and a temperament to match.  She’s growing up fast. Tinkerbell is almost 14, a talented storyteller, obsessed with fairies of the Tinkerbell variety and the computer, she constantly makes us laugh. These are the “3 big girls.”

Then there is my “Engineer.” The first boy, sensitive, caring, perfectionistic, and a whiz with anything mechanical. He’s 11. “Sparkle” is named for the way her eyes sparkle when she smiles. She lights up the room. She is 10 and is my second little mama, bossy like her oldest sister, and loves the babies. “Mister T” rounds out the middle kids. He is 7, strong-willed but very funny. Can be a fantastic helper when he wants to be.

Next comes our 4 yr old dynamo, “The Charmer”. Actually we call her chaos in a charming package. Never still, (or quiet, unless she’s into something) she manages to bring a smile to everyone she meets. We get great service at restaurants ;) And last but not least is “The Professor”. He is 2 and a half years old, independent and determined. He studies everything.

We  moved to my husband’s family farmhouse on 20 acres 3 years ago. We are learning a lot in renovating the 85 year old house and trying to turn our brown city thumbs into green ones. We homeschool when life doesn’t provide enough education in itself. Most days I’m on my knees, overwhelmed with everything I have to do. But somehow God is always gracious. We have never lacked anything we truly needed. God is good all the time.

I hope that this blog will give me a place to share my walk with God, my insights into parenting, and the everyday craziness that is my life, to the benefit of others. Happy reading.

For His glory,



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