Tim Tebow and Prayer

13 Jan

Yesterday I spent in bed. Stomach bug, kidney stone, I don’t really know. I don’t like laying in bed, not when I have so much to do. But Mini-me did a great job of running the house, even without the help of Irish Lassie, who also was under the weather. I thank God that she has turned into such a capable young woman.

So I did get to just enjoy reading a book. I read “A Rift in Time” by Michael Phillips. I’ve read it before but I still found it a page turner. It’s about the discovery of Noah’s Ark and subsequently the Garden of Eden by an English Archaeologist, Adam Livingstone. It’s got a lot of “This Present Darkness” type spiritual warfare, as well as adventure, science, the presentation of the gospel, eschatology. Lots of good stuff. A good read. I don’t agree with all the eschatology but I really enjoyed it and the sequel “Hidden in Time” about the discovery of the Ark of the Covenant.

I was reminded about the importance of covering prayer, how God uses our prayers to foil the plots of the enemy. And how there is a veil over the eyes of unbelievers when they read the scriptures. Their eyes are blind to the truth until it is revealed to them by the Holy Spirit. We should pity the unbeliever and pray for their spiritual blinders to be removed. We need to also hold up believers in authority in prayer. Satan targets those with the most power to do him and his agenda damage. When the head of a church is caught in sin, often he brings down many more with him and the glory of the Lord becomes tarnished to the mocking watchers eyes.

So as I lay with my eyes closed trying to fall asleep I had a curious thing happen. Those flashing lights behind my eyelids moved into the shape of a kneeling football player, head bowed in prayer, with a great lion lying at his feet and another lion pacing back and forth in front of him and roaring. Tim Tebow came to mind, and having just been reminded by my book of the need for prayer, I prayed for him. “Lord, satan prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. But you are the lion of Judah, you are greater than anything in this world. Protect Tim Tebow, give him strength to resist temptation, to stand firm in his faith when others try to bring him down. Help him to be a lighthouse for you, pointing others in the way of salvation. Help him stay humble and remember that you are the source of his gifts and abilities. Help him stay the course, in the strong name of Jesus, I pray.”

Maybe you know someone who needs lifting up, someone who is a spiritual light in your life or the lives of others. I’m not a pro football fan (I watch the Sooners). I don’t watch it, have never seen Tebow in action, but when God brings someone to my mind, I long ago learned it was a call to prayer. When God brings someone to your mind, lift them up to God. He knows what they need and the Holy Spirit will pray thru you if you let him. God bless.


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2 responses to “Tim Tebow and Prayer

  1. Amanda Fox

    January 14, 2012 at 2:03 pm

    Beautiful post Jennifer! I have never read your blog…just happened across it from facebook! Not sure how I missed it up until now! I have been amazed by Tim Tebow from the time I first saw him playing for Florida. He is a good guy…a great role model for my boys who are huge football fans! Seeing him being a proud follower of Christ is an encouragement to so many…especially those young men striving to follow in his career footsteps…hopefully they will also follow in his spiritual footsteps!


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