God’s Refrigerator

04 Jan

God loves me…Woohoo! God LOVES me. God loves ME! The creator of the universe cares deeply about me and my life. If He had a refrigerator, my picture would be on it. So would all those primitive little paintings and drawings I make. You know, our primitive attempts to please Him. We set out to do something…anything for Him, and we mess it up. We’re imperfect. We start off doing it for Him and end up looking for men’s praise instead. We start off joyful and end up snapping at everybody around us when things go wrong. Then we take the muddy picture of our life and offer it to Him. And He loves it. He doesn’t criticize and tell us what we did wrong, that there’s no such thing as purple elephants etc. He just gives us a big cosmic hug and says I love it, because you did it for me.

He won’t let us stay that way. Just as our children learn to color in the lines, and what colors go together to make something beautiful, and just like we have to instruct them in those things, sometimes He has to correct us. Because what we do for Him reflects on Him. We must be careful that we do not sin and say we did it for God. We must grow up in grace and holiness. But oh the grace that covers our mistakes! When those painting go on the refrigerator they are no longer the primitive cave drawings of a little child, they are the perfect masterpiece that He desired to see when we started. He sees the end from the beginning, oh thank You Lord that by the blood of Jesus you see me as perfect. All those flaws covered by the blood of your precious son. The God of the universe loves me, and my picture is on His refrigerator. 🙂

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