03 Jan

Today was a good day. Started off kind of rough, no one wanted to get up when I woke them, so we started off late. But we accomplished soooo much. Anyone who’s ever been in my house knows it’s kind of a “habitrail”. You know, one of those twisting tube things you put hamsters in. We have paths to walk on and stuff piled everywhere. There’s 10 of us in an average sized house. Not quite “Clean House” in terms of mental disability, just lots of stuff with no definite place for it to go.

Enter Ann Voskamp’s blog, She’s got a great post about making resolutions. Impossible resolutions require God solutions she says. So true. How many times have you made a resolution on January 1st, that you had completely given up on by Jan 21st? I can tell you at our house, that’s pretty much a yearly occurrence. In fact when I told my husband what I wanted to do, he said “good idea, but you know how we are.” (Pretty much what I said to him last year.)

This year I knew, I can’t try harder, or smarter…I have to try holier. I have to set my back to the wind of His spirit as Ann says and let Him move me. Pray different prayers, more prayers. So today we began…Lord, fill us with your Spirit, give us your direction, give us strength and help to accomplish all that you have for us to do today.

Today we washed and dried 4 loads of laundry. But unlike previous days, when we let the laundry stack up unfolded on the couch, till it was overflowing and the dog made beds out of clean clothes that then had to be washed again…today we folded and put them away, each one, straight out of the dryer. With everyone helping, it took 2 minutes a load.

Today we put away the Christmas decorations in labeled boxes. We spent 30 minutes cleaning in our rooms, 30 minutes on other daily chores. We got thru school. Math first! I washed 5 sinks full of dishes, 1 or 2 after every meal, so the kitchen stayed clean. We checked off everything on our “Daily Draft”, another Ann V. idea. We did it all in 25 minute increments, with 5 minute breaks. We put on new habits like new clothes. Habits are how we clothe our day. ( So much good stuff from Ann V.)

The kids weren’t allowed to spend all day on Wii, even when they had free time. 30 minutes each max. I haven’t had my 32 oz Dr. Pepper for 2 days. Put the money I would have spent in my “Shepherd’s Pouch” to feed the hungry and drank water/peppermint tea instead to help me lose that 36 lbs.

I’m sure it won’t be like this every day. We’ll get sick, we’ll have other interruptions. But thankfully God’s mercies are new every morning, and if we’ll let Him be our guide, I know we’ll get where we need to go.

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