Happy New Year

01 Jan

Happy New Year Everyone. I hope you all had a safe New Years Eve. I sure did. Watched the ball drop at home, went to bed at 11:01. Got up again at 3:30 when little Professor woke up. Can’t go back to sleep so I’m blogging in peace and quiet…except for the Charmer who got up at 5:30. What is it with these kids?

So I shared some New Years Resolutions on Facebook, but I thought I would elaborate here. Besides some of you aren’t my Facebook buddies. I’ve been reading Ann Voskamp’s blog “aholyexperience”. Oh my, she feeds my soul. I simply must get her book “A Thousand Gifts”. Such an eloquent writer. Deep. Inspiring.

She’s inspired me to be more grateful, to see everything as a gift from God. So this year I want to thank God for something different every day. I want to focus more on others and less on me. To love others more and complain less. She has a habit of naming her years. “The Year of Yes” “The Year of Now” etc. I’ve decided to name this year “The Year of Looking Up”

The year to look up to the Father when I have a need, to look up in gratitude when He blesses me, to think on the unseen things above not what is seen, and to look up when I “see all these things taking place for your redemption draws nigh.”

I have other things I want to accomplish too. Lose 36 lbs. Declutter my house. Do a better job of sticking to a schedule. But those will only come when my focus is on pleasing the one who made me, not checking off my to do list. Not by working harder, or smarter, but by working holier. Doing it all for the glory of God. God bless us all in this new year with a greater measure of His presence and His grace.

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