God is Good

15 Dec

My cellphone is getting old. It’s lived a long full life of 3 yrs 🙂 So the main problem I have found is that the battery life keeps getting shorter and shorter. It’s currently down to about 30 hours, which means I need to put it on the charger every night. That means I can’t use it as an alarm (I don’t have a good outlet near my bed) So I’ve been using my actual alarm clock with the radio on K-Love to wake me up.

God is so good. Every morning this week I have been awakened to wonderful, encouraging lyrics that meet me right where I am. The day after our horrible, no-good, very bad day the song went “I will rise…out of these ashes rise. From the trouble I’ve found, the trouble on the ground I will rise. ‘Cause He…who is in me…Is greater than I will ever be and I will rise.”

The next morning I wake to the tail end of a song “You are everything to me.” Followed by “all of creation, sing with me now, lift up your voice and lay your burdens down. Fill up the heavens let His glory resound.” And the next “You lift me up when I am weak, Your arms wrap around me, Your love carries me so I’m letting go…”

Don’t you just love it when God meets you right where you are and ministers to your hurting heart. I love turning on some praise music when I’m feeling down. It’s hard to stay depressed when you are praising and thanking God for His goodness. God knows I’m not going to let my alarm run for long, don’t want to wake up people who don’t need to be up yet. So I get just the exact lyrics that I need to hear to start my day off right. Thanks Lord for thinking of me today.

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