Sickness and Moving Mountains

22 Nov

I was reading in a prophecy forum I belong to yesterday. A lady was talking about how her family was never sick. She simply laid hands on her kids when they felt bad, prayed a prayer of faith, and they were well. Seems simple enough, except I had done the same thing so many times with no healing that I have little faith when it comes to that anymore.

Yet the Bible says if we have faith the size of a mustard seed, that we can say to this mountain “Move” and it will move. Having been taught that what you pray must be in accordance with God’s will I suddenly thought…I have been sick for 3 weeks with this hacking cough that keeps me up at night and keeps me from doing the things that God wants for me to do. Faith rose up in me to command my mountain of sickness to move. So I did. After taking all my usual Nyquil, tea, chocolate etc. I prayed and believed that I would get a good nights sleep and be healed in the morning.

I did not put a cough drop in my mouth and managed to fall asleep fairly easily. About 4 am I woke up with a stuffy nose. Immediately I thought “man this feels like allergies, but for it to go on this long I would have to be eating something I’m allergic to every day…(light bulb) or DRINKING. I’m ALLERGIC to the chamomile tea!” Going downstairs because I felt a coughing fit coming on, I walked to the medicine cabinet, popped a cough drop in my mouth and headed to the bathroom. Chamomile is related to ragweed, so sometimes people allergic to ragweed don’t tolerate chamomile tea. Wait a minute. My allergy tests indicated I’m not allergic to ragweed. I’m allergic to some mallow weed that blooms at the same time. So it shouldn’t be the tea…hmmm. (light bulb #2) March back into the kitchen, pull out the Ricola package…linden, elderberry, horehound, marsh mallow…Ack! I’ve been sucking on marsh mallow all day every day for 3 weeks! No wonder I’m sick. (Spits out cough drop in trash and takes an antihistamine instead.) What a genius I am.

So…while I am still coughing today, I believe that mountain is moved. God gave me revelation that is making me well. He could have chosen to miraculously heal me, but I would be in this mess again the next time I have a sore throat. Instead He gave me the information I needed to make myself well. It all started because I believed that it was His will for me to be well. I had specific things that He had revealed that I needed to be doing, and sickness was holding me back. So I had faith to pray to my mountain to be moved. The awesome thing is, it’s not even MY faith. God grants us faith. My faith is growing by hearing the word (say to this mountain MOVE) and doing. Next time there’s a mountain in your way…believe and pray. Maybe your answer is like mine, gradual… but maybe…you’ll see something amazing. God bless.

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