14 Nov

I think it’s time for a status update. My sweet hubby and I celebrated 20 years of wedded bliss this past June. Time sure flies when you are having fun. We took a little trip to Dallas for a 2nd honeymoon in July after graduating our oldest daughter from our homeschool, For His Glory Academy. Such a fun trip it was, despite a cracked radiator that meant carrying gallons of water with us everywhere we went, filling up the cooling system every 30-50 miles. Hubby has been out of a job since March, so we used his frequent flyer miles to pay for hotels and ate brunch and dinner. Hey when you enjoy sleeping in every day, who needs 3 squares?

My oldest daughter (Mini-me) is staying at home for the time being and helping me out with school etc. by watching the 2 preschoolers. She’s working a couple of part time jobs which are helping us out too. Irish lassie is 15. She’s also working with her sister at a nearby petting zoo, which is run by her best friends family.

Tinkerbell is 13, still loves Tinkerbell and other fairies. She has a passion for writing, can’t stop writing new stories. At 5’8″ she’s now taller than me and shows no sign of slowing down. The Engineer is 11, enjoying his 1st full year of Boy Scouts. Lots of camping out.

Sparkle is turning 10 next month, still a little mama. She’s enjoying learning to cook and not enjoying multiplication. Mr. T. is 7 now and loving his first year as a Cub Scout. You should have seen him bouncing around that first day. “Is it time yet? Is it time?”

The Charmer is 4 going on 14. She thinks she’s in charge around here. And woe to those who don’t do her bidding. Chaos still follows her like a puppy too. The Professor is not so studious now that he is 2. Since he follows the Charmer around like a puppy too, we could probably call him “Chaos” now. That big red-head is into all sorts of trouble, roaring at me like a lion as I type.

I hit that momentous 40th birthday in September…and promptly fell apart. We have a temporary diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, we need a job and health insurance to go through all the testing it takes to rule out everything else. I’m feeling much better now that I have stopped drinking my Diet. Dr. Pepper, staying away from aspartame and MSG. I can function again. Trying to stay patient and wait on God’s timing for a job for my hubby. He’s got a plan and though I can’t see it, I’m trusting that He wants what it best for us.

Well that about does it. I’ll try to post more often but you know me. I can make no promises.;)

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