The Dreaded “D” Word

02 Feb

The dreaded “D” word has been flying around here lately. No, it’s not a four letter word. It’s not divorce. It’s discipline. As in personal discipline. As in I need to get my lazy rear end out of bed in the morning kind of discipline. Ugh. Why do all the things that are so good for me have to be so difficult? Losing weight is a lot more difficult than putting it on was. Getting out of bed early is a lot more difficult than sleeping in. Reading my bible is not nearly as much fun as surfing the net, though I am not sure why. I’d much rather be reading a good book than folding laundry. No pain, no gain, I guess.

Tim and I have been trying to get up about 2 hours earlier than usual to have some time to talk, do devotions together, exercise, and generally get a jump start on the day. We’ve gotten up on schedule three days in a row. Woohoo! The problem is, besides being dog-tired, so have the 2 little people. They are not playing this game right. The idea is to be up before the kids. And I refuse to get up at 4am to accomplish this. Because they’re not going to let me go to bed at 7 to make up for it;)

Our family is completely lacking in self-discipline. Mainly because you can’t give away what you don’t have. Since the parents don’t practice it, neither do the kids. So this is our attempt at “baby steps” to produce good fruit for our family. Every time I say “but we never” or “we can’t because” Tim says “that was the old us, the new us can and/or will.” Reminding us both, that God isn’t finished with us yet. So take a deep breath Jen, set the alarm, and watch the new you appear.

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