Am I Crazy Yet?

28 Jan

Anybody else have a child who completely drove you insane? I love “The Charmer” to death but chaos really does follow her everywhere. She has foiled every child lock known to man, can jump (not climb, JUMP) out of her crib, and will literally leave no stone (or anything else) unturned in our house. All day long at least 6 other people are saying No!, Put that back!, Uh-Oh…What’s she into now?! My mom says my 2nd child was like this too but I sure don’t remember it. She handed the Professor about 6 cups of Cheerios this afternoon when no one was looking. She was right at my feet!

She is sick right now but it hasn’t slowed her down a bit. It just means it was germy little hands reaching into the cereal box and trying to eat everyone elses food today. We have put back all the Capri-Suns in the box about a dozen times. She has learned to push chairs to counters and climb on them to get to upper cabinets. I really think anyday the men in those lovely white coats are going to take me away to a wonderful padded room. 3 meals a day and I won’t even have to do dishes afterward.;)

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