Rescue me

21 Jan

People often say to someone going through a hard time “Well God will never give you more than you can handle.” I say “Hogwash!” God has often given me more than I can handle…in my own strength. God does not want us to be SELF-sufficient, SELF-confident, SELF-righteous, etc. He wants us to rely on Him for our every need. If we never go through anything that stretches us past that which we are able to bear in our own strength, then we never learn to fully rely on God.

I’m currently going through a struggle with my family that brings me to my knees daily. I have cried out to Him over and over to remove this trial and then berated myself for being such a wimp. But somewhere in the past I remember distinctly giving Him permission to bring into my life whatever is necessary to perfect me. Ouch! A Britt Nicole song last night reminded me that I need to stop asking for this to be removed and start asking for the strength to endure. To “do hard things” as the Harris brothers would say.

So Lord remove the laziness of spirit that is in me, and grant me the strength of will and discipline necessary to get through this, so that I may be more like Jesus. Bring me victory in such a way that you alone receive the praise. And may my children be encouraged by my struggle, to see that when they go through trials, You will be with them and grant them victory in Your own time. Rescue me not from the trial but from my own weakness by being my strength. Thank you.

For His glory,


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One response to “Rescue me

  1. Kelly Ryan

    January 22, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    You are so right Jennifer and I so needed to hear this. I have been on my knees yelling at God Lately to take away this feeding aversion my daughter has due to reflux. Instead I should be praising him in this storm and asking for courage and strength to get through!

    I am sorry you are having family struggles. Anything new? I will pray for you.


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